phongism is a philosophy.

and its being build by myself, for myself,

24 and almost 25 in next few months, when im typing this sentences, i realized i need something called a life philosophy, which sound a little bit bs and headache to me before. i was wrong, really wrong.

after 3 months when i quit my jobs, take my oppurtunity to working 9 to 5 at one of largest company in vietnam away, i have time and mind to think, to see, and to reflect of myself all the time.

i can see there are so many great things came to me, luckies came to me, nice people, and some other things optimistic.

but beside that i also can see how bs im, how bad im, and the wrong way i ve done when facing everything. its hurst me everytime i remember it. i hate that feelings and sometime i think i hate myself.

go through everything so far, i notice that everything i want and really want to, it gonna come and became reality in near future.

the problems that my minds is bs and it doesnt have the power to keep and develop it. i actually didnt know whats going on and why i was doing it, its so weird.

and after all i realized one of the most important thing that i think everyone will do no matter when, is a philosophy - a way to live a life better.

i really dont know everyone will get for themselves something like that but i know exactly that i need it, i have to build it for my brain, my mind, myself, and fucking my life.

my philosophy will answer for myself some questions, really important questions, and have some way to hack my minds, and fuck my bs thinking.

i will keep this philosophy in my head and never write it down. why? cause my mind got fucked when i write something that my head have to remember.

thats all.