Started: 03/2021
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EMB.VN - Embroidery is a great story




A creative embroidery studio, a side-project of AX. Build with modern, cute style, help young customers more accessible to embroidery.




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Embroidery has always been a great story, and I want to tell it more times to more people. It was difficult to find what we liked, and even harder to develop it. During the process of working at AX, I personally feel that the embroidery field in Vietnam is really too difficult to approach. The main target audience is the younger generations, from my own generation. In a unique industry like embroidery, that is really hard to change it in the direction I want. As a person was born in a family that this embroidery industry helped develop, and also being a person who really loves and cherishes this field, I always try to think and working every day to develop it further - wider - and deeper. EMB.VN is actually only a small step in the process, but it is also one of the most important.

EMB is the acronym 'Embroidery', and also the word for .emb format - the most important file format in the embroidery field. And I will build it into a new starting point, not just for the AX, it for the whole market.

Nguyen Huu Phong