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Started: 12/2019
Project Title:

BLVCK Saigon - Black is not just a colour




A local brand, diary, magazine with black and white are main colors. Focuses on personalization through embroidery and print.



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Letter Number: #0004

I used to be a person who really liked black, I feel much more confident and comfortable when my surroundings have this color. There was a time when I didn't feel really good if something I used, something I wore, or anything near me had a color that different from black (even white color). For about 6 years, I've been wearing only a black T-shirt. That is also the reason why I started this project, to help me feel better, tell what I've been through and of course it also helps me to have the products that I need. Because of this, BLVCK Saigon has always been built by me not only as a local brand, it is also a diary, a magazine that I am the only one to do. This project made me a lot of money, a lot of memories, and the most important thing is a lot of experience in the garment industry. I am always proud of it, always feel really lucky and happy when I think about the time taken. It only lasted a full year and ended in December 2020, but it was one of the best period of time of my life.

Currently, It has stopped for several reasons. I am no longer haunted by that black color. I also have the opportunity to chat and get to know great people through this project. This can be considered as the first success, a respectable milestone in my life. Thank you very much for this project.

Nguyen Huu Phong