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A huge thank and best regards to the libraries and open source projects below. This world operates in the direction of learning and inheriting the wonderful things from before. It would be very difficult or maybe Phong would never have created a page for myself without these projects. Thank you to very good people from all over the planet.

Nguyen Huu Phong

Great persons supported

The shares / tutorial / open-source / tweets shared by these great people helped a lot.

Guillermo Rauch


CEO of Vercel

Lee Robinson


Solutions / DevRel at Vercel

Adam Wathan


Creator of TailwindCSS

Meng To


Founder at Design+Code

The main technologies used

The main technologies are used in the construction and development of this website / related apps.

Where to host this website and related APIs

Where to store the source code, manage the commit of this website

React Framework used to build this website



CSS Framework used to design the interface of this website

All-in-one workspace is used to store data and as CMS for this website



Used to navigate and manage domains / subdomain / DNS for this website

Supporting Libraries

Libraries that aid in functionality and other tasks make coding better.
See full / details at on Github



Icons are mostly used from this library. Designed by Tailwind Labs and used with rights of MIT



Logos / brand of services and applications are mostly used from this library



Libraries help create a loading bar above when the page loads



Library helps to create cute little notification banners when performing the operation



Libraries help create modern notification banners

Telegram Widget


Comments widget used below the articles of this website. Real-time sync with Telegram Channel



Libraries help create a website that supports multiple languages. A perfect match between Next.js and the i18n API



An icons library includes icons designed in the direction of soft and cute corners