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My name is Phong, I am human on Earth, was born and raised in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City, 22 + 2, love beach, and a fan of IU (Lee Ji-Eun)

Phong Foundation is my biggest dream, a place where I can start doing whatever I want, got ability to help the people I really want to help, and it brings great things to all.

Nguyen Huu Phong




Blowing my mind with Archillect

Archillect [archive + intellect] is an AI that automatically discovers - searches - selects images on the Internet.

Exploring Twitter Hashflags

Hashflags is a concept used by Twitter to refer to icons next to hashtags. Only the really important and hot hashtags have Hashflags. Hashflags only exist for a certain period of time before disappearing.

MEME's Sound Board

Playing & have fun with some MEME's sound from my board. Just create it to collab with friends on Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces.

Reddit Wallpaper

The latest photos are taken directly from Reddit in r/Wallpaper.



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CHANGE.VN - Change Starts Here

An online store that sells embroidered/printed products that can be customized



AX Embroidery Workshop

A system of embroidered workshop / computerized embroidery / embroidery.



EMB.VN - EMB Vietnam

An online store selling embroidery patterns - embroidery products. Side-project of Anh Xuyen Computered Embroidery.



BLVCK Saigon

A local brand / diary / merch sells black and white products.









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Real-time syncing with Spotify API