Letter Number: #0001

My name is Phong, I am a human on Earth, was born and raised in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City, 22 + 1, love beach, and a fan of IU (Lee Ji-Eun). This is my personal website and I am also the designer and builder, including coding of this page. This is a place for me to share what I has been through, going through, and possibly going through. You can better understand me when you read this page.

Nguyen Huu Phong



Blowing my mind with Archillect

Archillect [archive + intellect] is an AI that automatically discovers - searches - selects images on the Internet.

Exploring Twitter Hashflags

Hashflags is a concept used by Twitter to refer to icons next to hashtags. Only the really important and hot hashtags have Hashflags. Hashflags only exist for a certain period of time before disappearing.

MEME's Sound Board

Playing & have fun with some MEME's sound from my board. Just create it to collab with friends on Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces.



AX Embroidery Workshop

A system of embroidered workshop / computerized embroidery / embroidery.



EMB.VN - EMB Vietnam

An online store selling embroidery patterns - embroidery products. Side-project of Anh Xuyen Computered Embroidery.



BLVCK Saigon

A local brand / diary / merch sells black and white products.







A weird video is picked randomly






A public diary


Humans are Aliens