elon musk

I just actually dont care about hope, or enthusiasm, motivation... I just give everything ive got, irrespective of what the circumstances may be. You just keep going and get it done.

im still wondering why he can focus and working under super-high pressure in many companies at the same time.

reading books about him, i can imagine and know some part of it. just waiting more in book of walter isaacson

i know this guy when he has approximately 5 or 6 billion bucks, now his ath is 340 billion. this is fucking crazy

i really love and enjoy the way he is shitpostting on his 91 million followers twitter

different from other guys, he is fun, focus, persistent, ambitious, genius, serious and sometimes not, i dont know.

he chilled and chills w/ zip2, x, spacex, tesla, boring, neuralink, solarcity, openai,... just stop, cause it fucking awesome. ohhh twitter btw.

really funny when following this guy, haha